Notre Rêve Wines: a Brief history

After many years of enjoying good wine and dreaming of making our own wine, we finally made the decision in 2007 to do just that and so Notre Rêve Wines was founded.

In 2008 we sourced our first 500kg of Shiraz grapes from Glenelly Wine Estate in Stellenbosch and produced our first wine. The first wine production took 6 of us over 6 hours to hand pick and crush the grapes. It is almost impossible to think that anybody can put more into a single wine as we did that very first year. The result was a fantastic wine, with only a few bottles left over which are highly cherished. Only on a very rare and special occasion will we open and drink a Notre Rêve 2008 Syrah.


In 2008 Glenelly completed their world class cellar and for the 2009 harvest season they required all of the grapes that they could get their hands on in order to fill their huge cellar. Being forced therefore to find a new supplier, we were fortunate to find and source our grapes from Diemersdal in Durbanville, which is also our particular wine region.

During 2008 we aged our wine in a stainless steel tank with some oak staves for flavouring. However, in 2009 we sourced 1000 kg’s of grapes from Diemersdal and introduced small reconditioned wooden barrels for ageing. This proved to be much more successful than the oak staves and for the 2010 harvest we made the decision to age our red wine only in barrels. We are now using a combination of new, second and third fill barrels.

During our first three years of wine making at Notre Rêve Wines we also experimented with Port, Cap Classique, Chenin Blanc and Mourvèdre and we are now proud to say that we produce the following wines:

        - Cap Classique (Cabernet Sauvignon)

        - Chenin Blanc

        - Syrah

        - Mourvèdre/Syrah Blend

        - Port (Tinta Barroca)

Many wine, beer and food makers often claim that their products are hand crafted. The question to ask though is what the definition of "hand crafted" is and when can you lay claim to that? Although we do not have the scientific or legal answer to this question we do believe that our products are truly hand crafted. Our cellar door is always open during all the phases of our wine making and we welcome you to contact us or to join us during any of these phases.

Why the fuss about a hand crafted product you may ask? We at Notre Rêve Wines believe that if you are really passionate about something you need to feel it and to touch it. You need to live with it in order to understand and care for it and therefore we will always make smaller quantities of wine so that we can give the wine the time, attention and care that we believe this ancient craft and drink deserves.

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